Writings of Andrew Schiestel

A picture of sailboats in Vathi's bay, sunsetting in the background.

From Holland, I am, she said to the traveller. Why this island? he countered. Because of love. Ahh, yes, it’s a special island, he conversed. Yes, and a man, she said. Ahh, you fell in love. Aye, she responded. You’re from Holland, living in Ithaca and met a Greek man? Aye, I did, love and warmth written all across her face. Me and a girlfriend travelled here, four years ago. She was snorkeling, I was bored on the beach, the Dutch-woman raised her right hand and pointed over the hillside, east of Vathi. I was trying to read a book, and that’s when he walked up to me. I’ve traveled the world, then end up falling in love here. It was sort of funny and difficult telling my family I was going to extend my vacation. It happens when you least expect it, she continued, blushing at the recital of it all.

The hero image depicts the sun setting on Vathi’s bay on the Island of Ithaca, Greece, sailboats slowly shoring up for nightfall.

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